Furniture Staining And Varnishing

We are reliable and experienced Furniture Staining And Varnishing professionals in Essex. Our painters use stain and varnish to renew and protect furniture, giving it that much needed added shine.

Preparing Furniture For Staining And Varnishing

You can greatly improve the look of your furniture with stain or varnish. Here is the method we use to achieve a professional finish.

Sand and Clean

If the piece of furniture has been painted previously, we remove any pieces that are flaking using a scraper.

Then, we fill in any holes or cracks that may be present. Using a power sander where possible, we begin to sand the piece with a fine-grit sandpaper. Extra attention is paid to any areas in a poor state or with heavy marks. We can use a sanding block for any hard to reach areas.

Once we have a smooth even surface, all dust is wiped off using a damp lint-free cloth. This is ideal as it will not tarnish the piece in any way or leave any residuals. We then remove any leftover sand with a hoover.

We make the area dust-free before we begin so that the highest quality finish can be achieved. Any dust still present could have an effect on the final look of the piece.


Furniture Staining And Varnishing Application

Apply and Seal

It is important to make the first application as soon as possible to avoid dust collecting. We leave to soak for a time in accordance with how rich we want the colour.

We wipe off the excess and apply a second coat if a darker look is required. Sanding again lightly, we take care to remove all dust.

Then we apply a final layer and finally, seal with a polyurethane to finish.

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