Non-Woven Wallpaper Installation

Specialists in Essex Non-Woven Wallpaper Installation and Hanging. Our local painters and decorators hang and install environmentally friendly non-woven wallpaper.

What is Non-Woven?

There are many kinds of backing for wallpaper. Non-woven is the most used for medium and higher end patterns.

Non-woven wallpaper was introduced in around 2008. It became established as the preferred substrate for most manufacturers. around 65% of new collections now feature wallpaper printed on a non-woven finish.

Non-woven has a light paper backing. That makes it easy to hang and remove. It’s difficult to tear, even when wet during the application process. The material does not contract or expand over time.


Preparing A Non-Woven Wallpaper Installation

Preparing non-woven wallpaper in order to have the best finish possible is vital. Using local experienced Essex decorators is key to a perfect job done right.

Preparation of the walls begins by filling in cracks and holes. We remove any excess lumps or build-ups. We smooth out imperfections with high-grade sanding paper. Our dustless sanding system gives us a clean area to work in.

Hanging begins using special paste for hanging non-woven wallpaper and apply it onto the wall. Applying one section at a time, cleaning off any excess paste as we go. There is no waiting time for non-woven wallpaper paste to soak in.

We make sure the surrounding temperature is not too high or cold. 18 – 20 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature.


Hanging A Non-Woven Wallpaper Installation

Millington Decor uses the latest tools and techniques to hang non-woven wallpaper. As a result, our years of experience and knowledge gives us the edge over the competition.

We hang each length following our plumb line. We “butt” the joins together so that there are no overlaps or gaps where sheets meet.

Air pockets are smoothed out using a wallpaper roller. Starting from the center of each sheet and eventually working our way to the edges. Any excess paste is immediately removed ensuring that none of it touches the roller. This can ruin the paper if it goes unnoticed.

Finally, we trim leftover paper from the ceiling and skirting boards. Progressing along the wall using a sharp blade in one clean slice. Not forgetting to take great care when trimming around sockets and switches.

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